I designed this logo long time ago, and it was recently sold via stocklogos.com. Logo was bought by an Austrian company, which will offer different services, such as: professional chauffeur services, private investigations, fire protection and potentially also the transport of explosive and radioactive goods. The Vigiles or more properly the Vigiles Urbani („watchmen of the City”) were the fire-fighters and police of Ancient Rome. Additionally, I used the shield in the logo, which is common representation of the protection and I also used the basic shape of Maltese cross, commonly used by fire-fighters. The cross is eight-pointed and has the form of four „V”-shaped elements, each joining the others at its vertex, leaving the other two tips spread outward symmetrically. The eight points also symbolize the eight obligations or aspirations of the knights.Continue Reading


Here’s a logo I created for a professional dog training business from UK. They offer high quality dog training classes year round, catering for puppies, adolescents and older dogs, as well as behavioural advice and gundog training on a one to one basis or in small groups. They have a down to earth approach teaching the handler to train the dog with the emphasis on making dog training and dog ownership a pleasure. The idea for a logo was given, as client wanted to see a simple outline of a hand gesture above dog’s head. This logo was designed for a contest posted at 99designs.com, and I managed to beat more than 80 entries from 24 other designers.Continue Reading


Once more I had a great pleasure of cooperating with a perfect customer. This logo was created for a small baker, who offer cakes for any celebration, and is specializing in fondant, buttercreme and cookies. In this logo, I replaced leaves with whole bunch of colourful candy looking shapes and following client’s advice the tree roots are connected to a couple of letters from the business name, appearing to provide nourishment to the tree above.Continue Reading

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