From time to time, I’m asked to prepare very simply concepts. Here’s one of my recent logo projects, where I was requested to prepare a very basic idea for a cosmetic and general dentistry clinic from Michigan in USA. Client was interested to get a logo with a shape of the Granny Smith green apple integrated in the business name. At the same time, this apple’s shape also resembles a top part of a tooth.Continue Reading


Here’s a logo I prepared for a new US brand of sunglasses. A tithe means a one-tenth part of something, in the past paid as a contribution to a religious organization or compulsory tax to government. Nowadays, it usually a voluntary contribution. In case of this brand, the name represent the concept of giving away 1/10 of profits for charity causes. The small simple icon on top of letter „i” is used to suggest that 1/10 part.Continue Reading


Some time go I had a great pleasure to work for Atelier Leseine, designer of beautiful of pearl jewellery. They have just published their first video, and it includes also a logo designed by me, so I’m extremely proud to contribute a little bit! I hope you will enjoy this very short clip. Click continue reading to see the link.Continue Reading

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