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Once more I had a great pleasure of cooperating with a perfect customer. This logo was created for a small baker, who offer cakes for any celebration, and is specializing in fondant, buttercreme and cookies. In this logo, I replaced leaves with whole bunch of colourful candy looking shapes and following client’s advice the tree roots are connected to a couple of letters from the business name, appearing to provide nourishment to the tree above.Continue Reading


After a very long break I decided to try my skills once more in logo-design contests at I was extremely lucky to join a perfect contest right at the start, after receiving an invitation from the contest holder. And I enjoyed designing this logo a lot, because of having a chance to cooperate with a very nice naturopath from Australia, who is just starting out her business, called Natural Alignment Therapies. She encompasses other therapies to bring an individual back into wellness & vitality alignment, so they are healthy on all levels physical, spiritually and emotionally. Client was not interested in typical green leaf kind of design which is common for many naturopaths, therefore I decided to hand-sketch some unique concepts, focusing on the concept of the tree of life, which represents very often a harmony between mind, body and spirit. Target is mainly females (mid 20’s – 50’s), so I sketched a woman’s body. As I mentioned, this logo was designed for a contest posted at, and I managed to beat more than 100 entries from 25 other designers.Continue Reading


Today I’d like to present a very simple logo created some time ago and recently sold via stocklogos to an Australian-based company called Webtree. They are a small family-based web agency that provides start-to-finish, fixed-price web solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Continue Reading