Archivessierpień, 2011


Recently my logo was chosen and purchased by FG Products, an US construction company, which designs, fabricates and erects commercial steel structures using patented systems technology. FG in the company name is referring to four generations involved in running this company. As I was requested to prepare business cards, I made few variants, and at the end this one was chosen.Continue Reading


Preparing website took a lot of time, so I only worked on a few projects recently. I picked three of them and although any of them hasn’t been accepted (yet) by customers, I decided to share it anyway. There’s a lot more in progress, but I’ll keep it for later on.Continue Reading


Stationary set was created as a follow up project after winning a logo contest at 99designs. Out of several proposals, customer picked one and we worked closely to fine-tune that chosen version to make it exactly as required by customer. Nerve Watch monitors the functional integrity of certain neural structures during surgery, that’s why motif of waves from the logo is also used in the design of stationary.Continue Reading