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Recently I was asked to redesign a logo which originally was also made by me, as customer decided to change the name of his website. This logo will be used for a new start-up consulting company, which is going to help other businesses jump start their marketing through videos and articles that provide marketing tips and strategies.Continue Reading


One of my latest logos sold was for start-up online company called Bet For Your Charity from USA. I got really small amount of information so I don’t exactly understand how this website is going to work, but at least I know it will help to raise money for various charity organizations. Main request of the customer was to create a logo which looks like a special token, based on a photo he provided for an inspiration. Therefore my role was mainly to come up with idea, how to put a really long name, initials and a tagline into a round token. Below you may see the final result, fine-tuned to specific requirements of the customer.Continue Reading


After coming back from holidays I participated in a couple of contests at One of my wins was a logo I designed for Bowden Fence, from Kansas in USA. It’s a family business that specializes in farm, commercial, and residential fence. Contest holder was looking for a logo, which is showing some reference to fences and also requested to incorporate a horse in the design. I decided to use initials of the owner and I put these letters like a small fence, which keeps a stallion from running away. My logo was chosen out of 80 other proposals submitted by other designers.Continue Reading