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Today I’d like to present the final outcome of the project, which took some time to be completed, but I’m really happy with the result. Somewhere in October I was approached by a customer from USA, who was looking for logo for a new start-up online business. Customer wanted a logo, in which a hippopotamus would play the main role. The key objective was to create a mascot, which is fun, friendly and colourful. To come up with the final concept, several rounds of revisions and fine-tuning were required. A lot of hand-made sketches were also prepared at the beginning, but also during next phases in the project. For the first time I decided to show on my blog also a couple of these sketches. Continue Reading


Several weeks ago I was hired to design a logo for a new fashion label from Australia. The brand is called thanh hà. It took few rounds of revisions and creating various concepts before we came to the final look of the logo. At the end, together with client we decided to create a very minimalistic logo, created from initials enclosed in a square shape, combined with a very thin font. This brand is designed for the woman who loves art, and quality fashion, yet is still price-conscious. All clothes are designed in-house at the studio & showroom in Melbourne.Continue Reading


The bad side of selling logos via logo stores is, that sometimes I even have no clue who decided to buy my logo. In case of the logo I’m presenting today, the buyer remained anonymous, so I know nothing about the business, for which this logo is going to be used, although I assume it will be travel related. At least when I created that logo, I had in mind the idea of using one of the letters in the company’s name to point out a destination, a target. I think I achieved that effect in a very simple way, and it looks someone liked it also, as he decided to purchase this logo.Continue Reading