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Here’s a logo I created for a professional dog training business from UK. They offer high quality dog training classes year round, catering for puppies, adolescents and older dogs, as well as behavioural advice and gundog training on a one to one basis or in small groups. They have a down to earth approach teaching the handler to train the dog with the emphasis on making dog training and dog ownership a pleasure. The idea for a logo was given, as client wanted to see a simple outline of a hand gesture above dog’s head. This logo was designed for a contest posted at, and I managed to beat more than 80 entries from 24 other designers.Continue Reading


Today I’d like to present a couple of my logos with animals. All my logos presented below are available for sale at store.Continue Reading


Today I’d like to present the final outcome of the project, which took some time to be completed, but I’m really happy with the result. Somewhere in October I was approached by a customer from USA, who was looking for logo for a new start-up online business. Customer wanted a logo, in which a hippopotamus would play the main role. The key objective was to create a mascot, which is fun, friendly and colourful. To come up with the final concept, several rounds of revisions and fine-tuning were required. A lot of hand-made sketches were also prepared at the beginning, but also during next phases in the project. For the first time I decided to show on my blog also a couple of these sketches. Continue Reading