Archivessierpień, 2012


Recently I had limited time for freelancing, as I invested some time in preparing next set of unused logos for sale, as it’s been going pretty good at the logo store. My logos can be purchased via In coming weeks I’ll post a couple of articles to feature some logos, which I grouped into categories. At the start, here are my designs in which birds are used as a pictorial mark.Continue Reading


My last contest at, which I won just before my holidays, was held by The Woods Law Firm, a specialized law firm from USA. They have offices in a couple of cities in State of South Carolina. For over 16 years they have been defending people who have legal issues and court cases and help people injured in auto accidents and work-related accidents. Contest holder specified in his brief a couple of idea for his own logo, I decided to focus on the concept which incorporates a shield into the design. I decided to combine the letter W with a very simple shield. That letter W also can be recognized as two arms or even as two arms with swords in hands. The winning design will be used in all future prints but also tv & media campaigns. It will be also used to redesign the website in coming months. With this design, I managed to beat over 150 entries by 18 other designers, so I was extremely happy of the final success.Continue Reading


In the past I designed a couple of logos suitable for companies from the area of coaching & consulting. One of these concepts was recently found to be interesting to a life & leadership coach, who is starting up new business under the name The Full Life Principle. He is going to create a personality profile that will help people come to terms with who they are and their past life experiences so that they can better make decisions about their relationships and career. According to him too many people simple stand back and wait for life to happen and only hope that it will get better. Continue Reading