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From time to time I sell a logo to anonymous buyers via Unfortunately I have no clue how they are going to use a logo created by me. Today I’d like to show a logo sold a month ago. I created it for an imaginary company called Wealth Bridge, and I used an abstract shape of letter W to picture a bridge, which can be then used for a real company which for example offers bridge (short-term) financial loans.Continue Reading


Here’s a logo I designed long time ago, which later on I sold via It’s an abstract logo mark showing a shape similar to letters M and W, connected with each other in a shape of a thin wave. I have no clue who bought this logo, as the buyer remained anonymous, but I hope this logo is being used in an interesting way. Continue Reading


I have had no time recently to update my website, but finally it’s time to show some projects completed in April and May. At first I’d like to present logo designed for Inspired Action Network. They are US-based consulting team specialized in mission-driven, results-oriented leadership training and collaboration enhancement for teams in the environmental non-profit sectors, and foreign affairs-related government agencies. They were looking for the design, which represents harmony between the cold, linear, modern themes that speak of the future and the warm, curvy, sympathetic feel of relationships. I decided to focus on the aspect of the growth, so important in leadership skills and also highly linked with any business venture. That’s why my logo shows a dynamic abstract shape, which combines cooler colours (blue / green) with an arrow-like shape in a warm orange colours.Continue Reading