About me:

I’m Natalia Sutkiewicz, freelance graphic designer from Poland, currently living in The Netherlands. I hold a Master Degree of Graphic Design from University of Technology in Koszalin, Poland. I’m  specialized in vector graphic, or in general – anything that is not a photo-realism graphic.

About my hobbies:

When I am not sitting in front of my computer I enjoy taking care of my dog, experimenting in the kitchen with a vegetarian cuisine and reading everything related to animals’ behaviourism.

About my way of work:

My main objective is to create memorable and distinctive brand identities for various companies. When designing, I’m focused at customer’s requirements, as I find it as the best way to achieve results satisfying both parties. I’m helping my customers by designs which are allowing them to reach better & more effectively to their customers.

About my offer:

I offer high quality and good service at a reasonable fee and short turnaround. My services includes:
* Logos
* Stationery Sets (business card, letterhead, envelope, label, etc.)
* Brochures, Flyers, Product Sheets, Ads, Postcards, Newsletters, Booklets
* Covers for Books & Catalogues
* Signage & Signposts
* Posters