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Here’s a logo I prepared for a new US brand of sunglasses. A tithe means a one-tenth part of something, in the past paid as a contribution to a religious organization or compulsory tax to government. Nowadays, it usually a voluntary contribution. In case of this brand, the name represent the concept of giving away 1/10 of profits for charity causes. The small simple icon on top of letter „i” is used to suggest that 1/10 part.Continue Reading


Here’s a wordmark I created long time ago for an online store selling luxury fashion accessories, mainly handmade fascinators and headpieces. These are delicate head decoration worn mostly by women for a special occasions like weddings or cocktail parties.Continue Reading


Next to the logo for main brand of Monaco Collections, I was also hired to create a new logo for their line of jeans, called Monaco Jeans. The initial idea was very simple, to combine the MJ initials with the crown of king of Monaco. Here’s the final outcome of this project.Continue Reading