Here’s a logo designed for a small construction company from Norway, specialized in tiles and fireplaces. That’s why a main idea was to build the logo with bricks/tiles and incorporate a small flame inside as reference to fireplaces.Continue Reading


I haven’t posted for a long time, but I completed several freelancing projects in that period. Here’s a logo I created for Organic April Total Wellness, which promotes healthy living through diet, exercise, and stress management for the best possible lifestyle. Customer selected a concept of vibrant yellow-lime-green spiral which symbolizes the change, movement, transformation.Continue Reading


Today I’d like to present another project, which gave ma lot of fun when working on it. As I was asked to explore different directions & ideas, I had a lot of creative freedom at the initial stage of project. Out of 15-20different concepts, 3 were pre-selected, and then I fine-tuned these concepts together with the customer. This logo was designed for a start-up company from Australia. Job seekers will be their primary target market, they will also aim at hiring organisations who want access to genuine jobseekers without having to use traditional recruitment agencies. I hope the company will start-up soon, and will become successful.Continue Reading

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