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I haven’t been updating my website for a long time, but I completed various projects in last few months. So it’s time to show some of them here. Today I’d like to present a logo designed for the new residential area of Innovative Residential, a Canadian real estate developer that builds rental and ownership communities. Their housings are ideal for active families and community minded residents. That logo was created for a contest at, and it was selected from almost 200 proposals submitted by 35 other designers.Continue Reading


Here’s a logo which I sold recently via a logo-store to Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates of Orange County in California, USAContinue Reading


This logo I designed some weeks ago for a real estate agency from Poland. They will offer fine homes & properties in Portugal to Polish investors. Estrela means a „star” in Portuguese language, therefore the initial idea for the logo was straight-forward, but as you may see, the final look of the star is unique.Continue Reading