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From time to time I sell a logo to anonymous buyers via Unfortunately I have no clue how they are going to use a logo created by me. Today I’d like to show a logo sold a month ago. I created it for an imaginary company called Wealth Bridge, and I used an abstract shape of letter W to picture a bridge, which can be then used for a real company which for example offers bridge (short-term) financial loans.Continue Reading


In December I had a chance to work for Open Road Movies, a production company, edit facility, and a foundation of adventurous expeditionary documentation of the world. They produce thoughtful, entertaining videos that explore the human experience and the behaviours that connect us all. The owner was looking for a unique logo which will symbolize such aspects as adventurous, cultural, experience, discovery. Logo will be targeted at web video consumers interested in travel and arts. That’s why I decided to combine an ideas of vintage looking compass with a camera lens inside. Here’s the final outcome of my work.Continue Reading


Here’s a logo I created recently for a new marketing company from California, USA. The idea is very simple and obvious, as logo shows a splash of water. Business name’s layout was prepared according to client’s preferences.Continue Reading