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Here’s a logo I prepared for a new US brand of sunglasses. A tithe means a one-tenth part of something, in the past paid as a contribution to a religious organization or compulsory tax to government. Nowadays, it usually a voluntary contribution. In case of this brand, the name represent the concept of giving away 1/10 of profits for charity causes. The small simple icon on top of letter „i” is used to suggest that 1/10 part.Continue Reading


I’d like to present a logo, created by me for a new business venture, located in Florida, which will market & sell semen of Pure Spanish Horse (PRE). My client was looking for a logo which portrays elegance, quality & reliability. It was critical to make sure the horse in the logo looks as close as possible to Pure Spanish Horse. It was only possible thanks to professional expertize of the client.Continue Reading


Here’s a logo I designed for a real estate agency called Walasik & Salek. They operate in Poland and offer real estate appraisals and realty property management. The client requested a professional, yet simple and elegant logo, with an abstract reference to their business’ focus area.Continue Reading