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Here’s a project I’m really proud of. I got a great opportunity to create brand identity for AudioNoggin. It’s a brand of innovative personal bluetooth headphones designed for the athlete in all of us. The AudioNoggin was specifically designed for active people and does not rely on direct contact with your ears. It’s a small device that quickly and securely clips to your cap positioning an ultra thin high-fidelity speaker over each ear. Because the speakers aren’t inside your ears, the speakers can’t fall out, your ears will never hurt, and you can enjoy your surroundings while still listening to your music. Click „Continue Reading” to watch the promotional movie of this product.Continue Reading


Recently I put part of my unused logos for sale at StockLogos ( Already a couple of my logos have been purchased. Here is one of these sold logos. It’s a modern and strong letter mark build out of AL initials for AudioLabs. Unfortunately buyer was anonymous, so I don’t know who bought that logo, but I hope it will find a good home.Continue Reading