After creating a logo for Inspired Action Network, I was asked  to design a front and back cover for a book titled The Art of Inspired Action by Brennan Smith. Target audience for this book are people with issues in productivity & efficiency, who want to achieve and now wants to do something about it. Main request from the client was to keep the cover clean and uncluttered, with fonts having a sense of power and spacing easy on the eyes. It was extremely difficult task for me, as it’s the first real book cover I created. But I enjoyed it a lot, also because of the great collaboration with the  author of the book and the rest of the Inspired Action Network Team. As you may see, I decided to divide the cover on upper and bottom part, with a very large main title on the upper part, with a word „inspired” highlighted with a warm orange colour. For the bottom part I created a unique icon of a light bulb, with a coil wire replaced with a shape of the brain, of course to symbolize such aspects like the power of the mind and people having smart ideas.

The Art of Inspired Action - book cover