Thanks to a recommendation from other client, I had an opportunity to meet Ms. Nathalie Leseine, a French jewelry maker who is currently residing near San Francisco and is working now on her unique and universal jewelry collection made out of Tahitian pearls. I was asked to create a logo for her Atelier Leseine, which soon will be launched online. Initial idea was to design a logo out of AL initials as a sort of stylized graphic, however later on decission was made by a client to focus on a hummingbird, as it’s often nicknamed as a „jewel in flight”. I prepared a couple of variants of a hummimgbird in pinkish paparadsha sapphire colours. In general I was advised to keep it reasonable serious, clean, simple and elegant. I enjoyed a lot working on that project, as Ms. Leseine was extremely helpful and active in helping me to create this logo.

I’m also proud from a testimonial which I got at the end:

„It was a great pleasure working with Natalia. It was not easy achieving the balance between outline of hummingbird and overall style of logo but she did it. Classic, elegant yet bold with the color. I love it! Her professionalism, quick feedback and abilities to listen to the clients were all very much appreciated. Great work!”