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Some time ago I designed a logo for The Woods Law Firm, which is operating at South Carolina, USA. I was also asked to prepare stationery set for them, and I decided to present it today on my blog. Continue Reading


After designing a logo, I was asked to prepare a stationery set for Cammel Consulting from Australia. They provide Human Resource management consulting services primarily to remote location mine sites in the Asia Pacific Region. This also includes recruitment services, performance management advice, remuneration, employee relations advice and mentoring. Final version is quite simple, as this was requested by my client.Continue Reading


From time to time I join contests on in which stationery set needs to be designed. Recently I managed to complete a project for Calmac Group, which is managing the Alternative Investment Fund known as Traditional Brand Funds. This fund invests in real estate. They have offices in Newport Beach, California and on Wall Street in New York.

My job was to create a high quality full set of stationery, including letterhead, envelopes, business cards, business folder and shipping labels. As representatives of Calmac Group meet with institutions such as banks, universities, pension plans and are asking for capital investment into their fund, so whole stationery set had to be serious and yet clearly look like it has been designed to be the best. On the other hand it could not to be boring. So it was most important to find a balance and design it in a such way to attract an attention. I’m really glad I had a chance to complete a project for a serious financial company.Continue Reading