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Here’s one my favourite recent projects, as I really like the final look of logo created thanks to a great cooperation with logo’s new owner. Some time ago I created a symbol out of two arrows with N letter in a negative space between arrows. This idea became a starting point for a logo for real estate business called North Star Real Estate. Because of the business name, a star had to be incorporated in the logo, so following an advice from client, I created a star which matches the look of the N symbol. At the end, I prepared that logo in several variants of colours and shading effects, so it can be used on various backgrounds.Continue Reading


This logo I designed some weeks ago for a real estate agency from Poland. They will offer fine homes & properties in Portugal to Polish investors. Estrela means a „star” in Portuguese language, therefore the initial idea for the logo was straight-forward, but as you may see, the final look of the star is unique.Continue Reading


Today I’d like to present a final version of a logo chosen in the contest at I created this logo for Paradise Coaching & Consulting, which offer coaching and consulting services to small & medium business owners. My main inspiration to create this logo was taken from the project brief, where it was mentioned that there will 7 disciplines of business that the owner of this firm will be coaching or consulting on. That’s why I created a shape of a star built out of 6 elements, with 7th element in the centre. Colours and fonts are chosen according to preferences of the contest holder, who requested simple fonts to be used, in combination with blue or grey colours.Continue Reading