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From time to time I sell a logo to anonymous buyers via Unfortunately I have no clue how they are going to use a logo created by me. Today I’d like to show a logo sold a month ago. I created it for an imaginary company called Wealth Bridge, and I used an abstract shape of letter W to picture a bridge, which can be then used for a real company which for example offers bridge (short-term) financial loans.Continue Reading


Here’s a letter-form logo created by me from initials ES / SE, which I combined together into one shape. Logo was sold via and the buyer was anonymous so I don’t know how and where this logo will be used.Continue Reading


Creating pictorial or abstract marks based on company’s initials is one of the most common direction. That’s why in last few years I designed huge number of such logos. Many of them remained unused, so I made them available for sale at store. Today I’m going to present two concepts with a letter N.Continue Reading