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After 5 weeks of holidays I’m slowly getting back to work. As I was out of home during my holidays, I had no chance to upload & present a couple of projects I completed in June. The first one I would like to share is simple yet elegant logo, which I designed for a new fashion brand for a company from Australia. I used a hand-written typeface for the name and designed a small ornament around initial N.Continue Reading


Recently I put part of my unused logos for sale at StockLogos ( Already a couple of my logos have been purchased. Here is one of these sold logos. It’s a modern and strong letter mark build out of AL initials for AudioLabs. Unfortunately buyer was anonymous, so I don’t know who bought that logo, but I hope it will find a good home.Continue Reading


One of my latest completed projects was a logo designed for Amy. A Design, which will be the name for a new retail line of fine diamond jewelry, offered by a jewelry store from Newport Beach in California. Client was looking for a feminine, classic and luxury looking logo, constructed out of two letters A. This logo will be used for marketing materials, but also will be cast from gold and silver and used as a separate item. My design was chosen out of a lot of concepts submitted by 26 other designers.Continue Reading