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Sowi Zakątek is the name of a place you can rent for holidays. It’s a newly built all-year wooden house located in small village called Baraniec in Poland. There are owls on the property, that’s why logo shows an owl on top of the wooden roof, and at the bottom of the logo mark you may see three stripes which represent forest, meadow and water. It’s because the house is located in a peaceful area at the edge of the forest, nearby the meadow, and there’s a water pond next to the house. I invite you to visit their websiteContinue Reading


Recently I got an opportunity to prepare a new logo for Shakespeare House Community Centre, a vibrant community centre located in South Manchester in Great Britain.It’s a charity organization, created as a unique response to local needs. They are open to all, are home to various groups and are always looking to find new ways of supporting the wider community. It’s a home to both mainstream Christian and Muslim activities. They actively encourage interfaith and inter-community activities.

My task was to prepare a logo, which will maintain some link with previous logo, and will still remain very simple. I decided to take the house from old logo and added 3 abstract shapes to represent a family. All is in vibrant colors, to point out diversity of the local community. The house is shaped a bit like an arrow to suggest the growth & improvement.Continue Reading


I had no time recently to join new freelance contests at, but I got a really nice invitation from Property Rental People, who were running a contest over there. Property Rental People manages residential and commercial real estate primarily in the Treasure Valley, and is based in Boise, USA. I joined almost at the end of qualifying round, but I managed to grab the attention of contest holder with my initial proposals, what gave me a chance to fine-tune one of the concepts in the final round, thanks to a lot of support from a client. My design was picked out of 90 entries from 14 other designers.Continue Reading