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Last few weeks I was really busy and had limited time for freelancing. Despite of that, I still managed to design a couple of things. Today I’d like to present a logo which was bought from me by a neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist from Puerto Rico. Continue Reading


I’m really proud of this project. Few weeks ago I was offered to do the branding for a startup company from USA, which is going to produce wireless bluetooth audio devices for helmets and hats. I accepted it right away as very seldom I have a chance to design a logo which later on is used at products or packaging.
The company is called AudioNoggin and is located in California, USA. As a point of background information I was told that in north american slang „Noggin” is for „Head” or „Brain”. It took me really quite some time to come up with ideas and I spent a lot of time on making hand-sketches which were somehow linked with my main ideas: head, helmet, wireless, letter „a”. I was really happy when one of my concepts was chosen by a client for further adjustments.
I think in this logo I managed to capture all key elements, as by retransforming a futuristic looking letter „a” I also showed a head in a helmet which at the same time symbolizes a wireless functions of the product. One of main advantages of this graphics is a possibility to scale it down when it will be applied on the product, which will be really small, as helmet-mounted speakers will be less than 2cm.
After completing a logo project I also designed business cards, letterhead, envelope and shipping labels.
Now I can only wish this product will be successfully launched on the market, as I can’t wait to see it implemented.Continue Reading


Some weeks ago I was successful in creating a logo for a contest held at 99designs by OA Recruitment National Group from Australia. I was happy to see them coming back to me with an assignment to design a new cover for their workbook, which they hand over to people participating in OA’s trainings. OA evaluate and train salespeople to build stronger sales teams and improve sales performance. Their methods focus on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Intelligence. By getting the way that people think about sales is for OA the first step to understanding how to achieve great results. At the end I prepared not only the cover, but also the layout of inside pages which is carried forward into the body of the workbook and can be also used for possible handouts. Below I posted few concepts of the cover. The one in the middle was chosen by customer and became the base for creating layout of inside pages.Continue Reading