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I haven’t posted for a long time, but I completed several freelancing projects in that period. Here’s a logo I created for Organic April Total Wellness, which promotes healthy living through diet, exercise, and stress management for the best possible lifestyle. Customer selected a concept of vibrant yellow-lime-green spiral which symbolizes the change, movement, transformation.Continue Reading


Only few times I have had a chance so far to create a logo for a church. Here’s a logo which I like a lot, and which was recently purchased from me. When I was creating that concept, my intention was to avoid typical very dominant cross, commonly used in logos for churches. Instead of it, I decided to incorporate the shape of the cross in the veins of a willow leaf.Continue Reading


Here’s one of my latest completed logo projects. I designed it for sports injury and corporate wellness service practice from Sydney. They provide chiropractic care and muscle neurology, so they take care of spine, muscles and nervous system to improve movement, strength, health and decrease pain. Client suggested in his brief to focus at words: movement, neurons, health, vitality, performance, sports, muscles, spine. Out of multiple proposals I made at the end a logo showing an abstract spine shape supported by nature represented by a sprouting leaf. My logo was chosen out of 130 different proposals submitted by 15 other designers.Continue Reading