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Some time ago I created & sold an icon of a simplified Earth, designed in Dutch orange colour. This icon was later on used to create a logo for The Global Executive. Please click the link to see the website where my icon is used. And below you may see the initial look of the logo.Continue Reading


I have been busy recently with other things, so had limited time for freelancing. But from time to time my logos are being bought at online store with ready-made-logos. Here’s one of the recent sales. It presents a simplified shape of an Earth.Continue Reading


As explained yesterday in other post, I was out of regular work for 2 months. But I completed some projects right before taking such a long break. One of them was logo created for HBH Global, a company from Netherlands, which offers consultancy & management services to other companies trying to enter European markets. HBH in in general management consultancy, primarily focused on international market entry projects. HBH were looking for a logo through, so I had to compete with 15 other designers. There was almost no information provided in the project brief, so I had full freedom in creating this logo. I decided to focus on global aspect, but instead of typical silhouette of Earth, I sketched a unique & simplified icon, in which I also incorporated a small arrow to suggest things like turnover & change. I was really glad that my idea was chosen at the end.Continue Reading