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My holiday break from work was extremely long this year and I’m slowly getting back to work. I already have some new projects to work in the coming week, but I still want to share on my blog some projects which I completed in May & June. Today I’d like to present some graphics I designed for YoBerry, a company from Norway which offers frozen yoghurt. After I created a logo for them, I was asked to design also cups for their frozen yoghurts and also a set of simplified icons, which are explaining to their customers, how you can create your own frozen yoghurt.Continue Reading


Here’s my another logo sold recently, which will be used now by a Norwegian company, which is going to sell pure frozen yogurt under the brand YoBerry. I’m really glad that my happy & smiling pink cow will be used for such business.Continue Reading


Few weeks ago I created a logo for Wicked Cow Creamery from Spain. They are starting up their ice-cream catering business right now. I’d like to show a couple of photos from the client, showing my logo on their custom-made ice-cream cart. Photos were taken by UK manufacturer of the cartand it should be already on the way to Spain. I’m really looking forward to professional photos of that cart in some beautiful scenery!Continue Reading