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Recently I was asked by the owner of a small US start-up company, to create a logo for his new business. Brand’s name will be Infinity Tutoring, so I decided to reflect it also in the logo, which symbolizes the continuous and never-ending nature of tutoring process, in which knowledge is being shared by a tutor with a student. The purpose of tutoring is to help students help themselves, or to assist or guide them. Tutors do not provide answers, but rather assist in problem solving, in getting answers. Continue Reading


Today I’d like to present a logo created by me a for a consulting company from USA, specialized in personal & leadership development and website internet promotion. The client was looking for a logo representing two abstract persons in the interaction, where one is supporting another to reach & aim higher.Continue Reading


Here’s a logo created for a friend, who is starting up an educational company that approaches students in a completely unconventional way; emphasis on setting and achieving goals; use of the newest developments of science; use of coaching and motivational tools; looks at students holistically – adjusts to their skills, needs and personalities.Continue Reading