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After creating a logo for Yogis from Norway, I also designed the layout of cups for their frozen yoghurt and also a set of simplified icons, which are explaining to their customers, how you can create your own frozen yoghurt.Continue Reading


In my portfolio you may find a logo I created for YoBerry. They recently opened the first store in Norway, and they used what I designed for them. My job was to create a logo, yogurt cups, stickers, signboards and posters. Here you may see a photo from their store.Continue Reading


In April I had a chance to prepare new brand identity for HERstyle, a fashion label from Australia. Some requirements were specified right at the begging, as for example fashion agent wanted a letter-mark or monogram type of logo, in black&white colours. Brand’s promise is to bring quality and style back into the market and make it available for boutiques. That’s why I decided to create a logo in a classy & elegant style with a simple yet unique logo mark combined with a business name presented in a light & modern font. When logo was created, I also prepared business cards, swing tags and garment labels.Continue Reading