Here’s one my favourite recent projects, as I really like the final look of logo created thanks to a great cooperation with logo’s new owner. Some time ago I created a symbol out of two arrows with N letter in a negative space between arrows. This idea became a starting point for a logo for real estate business called North Star Real Estate. Because of the business name, a star had to be incorporated in the logo, so following an advice from client, I created a star which matches the look of the N symbol. At the end, I prepared that logo in several variants of colours and shading effects, so it can be used on various backgrounds.Continue Reading


Here’s a logo designed by me for owners of a penthouse in Antwerp which we will be renting out as boutique hotel rooms. It will be operated under name of A-South Luxury Penthouse Living. As it’s located near to city center, I was asked to focus on modern outline sketch of Antwerp’s cathedral.Continue Reading


Here’s my next logo which found a new owner via an online logo store. However buyer remained anonymous, therefore I have no clue how exactly is that logo going to be used.Continue Reading