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Here’s the latest project I won via This logo was purchased by a newly formed consulting company, which plan to help other businesses jump start their marketing through videos and articles that provide marketing tips and strategies. It was fully designed based on the idea of customer. With this design, I managed to beat 63 entries from 13 other designers and to win the prize at the end. I really liked working on this project thanks to great cooperation with customer, who knew exactly what he required and was able to give very precise guidelines.Continue Reading


Recently I won a contest started up by Morning Waves at crowdsourcing webpage 99designs. Morning Waves is a company which develops processes and software as a service that assists users in managing and capturing their time usage to improve life and profits. Their project brief got my attention immediately and out of a few ideas, I decided to focus on initials (M and W) and the word wave to create a logo which looks unique. With this design, I managed to beat entries of 17 other designers.Continue Reading


Some weeks ago I was successful in creating a logo for a contest held at 99designs by OA Recruitment National Group from Australia. I was happy to see them coming back to me with an assignment to design a new cover for their workbook, which they hand over to people participating in OA’s trainings. OA evaluate and train salespeople to build stronger sales teams and improve sales performance. Their methods focus on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Intelligence. By getting the way that people think about sales is for OA the first step to understanding how to achieve great results. At the end I prepared not only the cover, but also the layout of inside pages which is carried forward into the body of the workbook and can be also used for possible handouts. Below I posted few concepts of the cover. The one in the middle was chosen by customer and became the base for creating layout of inside pages.Continue Reading