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This logo was created for a virtual assistant company called StaffAway, which is similar to a temporary staffing agency, but in that case temps work from home instead of going to the client’s office. Project brief was quite short, so only general request was to come up with a modern and professional looking design, which will be a sign of trust & knowledge and operations at a global scale. My logo was chosen out of over 100 proposals submitted by 25 designers for a project posted at 99designs.comContinue Reading


Finally I had a chance to create a more fun looking logo for a project started up by FMS Dental, which is a general dentistry from Houston in Texas, USA. They are going to launch their new website soon. This assignment went really quick, as client had a clear vision of what she was looking for, so my task was mainly to translate that vision into a graphical design. Request was to make a logo build from 3 blocks, in which letters FMS were supposed to look like a toothbrush, a tooth and a swirl of toothpaste. I used a lot of colours, to give it a fun and cheerful look, attractive especially for kids.Continue Reading


One of my latest completed projects was a logo designed for Amy. A Design, which will be the name for a new retail line of fine diamond jewelry, offered by a jewelry store from Newport Beach in California. Client was looking for a feminine, classic and luxury looking logo, constructed out of two letters A. This logo will be used for marketing materials, but also will be cast from gold and silver and used as a separate item. My design was chosen out of a lot of concepts submitted by 26 other designers.Continue Reading