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Here’s one of my latest completed logo projects. I designed it for sports injury and corporate wellness service practice from Sydney. They provide chiropractic care and muscle neurology, so they take care of spine, muscles and nervous system to improve movement, strength, health and decrease pain. Client suggested in his brief to focus at words: movement, neurons, health, vitality, performance, sports, muscles, spine. Out of multiple proposals I made at the end a logo showing an abstract spine shape supported by nature represented by a sprouting leaf. My logo was chosen out of 130 different proposals submitted by 15 other designers.Continue Reading


Next to designing a logo for Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, I was also asked to prepare a set of invitations for a special fundraising dinner, organized by Ghurki Hospital Events from Manchaster in UK. I decided to use gold colour from a logo with some gradients, to achieve a shiny effect, when invitations are printed on a high gloss paper. At the bottom I used a flourish ornament, typical for Pakistani style (as hospital supported by this charity organization is located in Lahori, Pakistan). The back-side of invitation is used to present logos of key sponsors.Continue Reading


Finally I’m back to regular work after 3 weeks break, during which I worked just a bit due to lack of time for freelancing. But I managed to complete a project, which I’m really proud of. On the request of Ghurki Hospital Events, charity organization from UK, I redesigned a logo for Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, a teaching hospital affiliated with Lahore Medical & Dental College. It’s located in Pakistan’s city Lahore, surrounded by 110 villages with a population of 1.2 million. This 450 bed hospital provides basic as well as advanced health facilities to the ailing humanity. GTTH provides free treatment to the needy and is providing advanced medical and surgical care and cover through its highly professional team of consultants and 550 staff members. At the start logo will be used on marketing materials of Ghurki Hospital Events, but I hope later on it will be also used for a hospital.Continue Reading