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In case you are visiting my website and read this, I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be taking my summer holidays for the full month of July. I’ll be back to work after 1st of August. And then I’ll also upload on my website some of the projects I completed in May & June.Continue Reading


Sowi Zakątek is the name of a place you can rent for holidays. It’s a newly built all-year wooden house located in small village called Baraniec in Poland. There are owls on the property, that’s why logo shows an owl on top of the wooden roof, and at the bottom of the logo mark you may see three stripes which represent forest, meadow and water. It’s because the house is located in a peaceful area at the edge of the forest, nearby the meadow, and there’s a water pond next to the house. I invite you to visit their websiteContinue Reading


Here’s a letter-form logo created by me from initials ES / SE, which I combined together into one shape. Logo was sold via and the buyer was anonymous so I don’t know how and where this logo will be used.Continue Reading