Archivesmaj, 2013


Some time ago I created & sold an icon of a simplified Earth, designed in Dutch orange colour. This icon was later on used to create a logo for The Global Executive. Please click the link to see the website where my icon is used. And below you may see the initial look of the logo.Continue Reading


After creating a logo for Inspired Action Network, I was asked to design a front and back cover for a book titled The Art of Inspired Action by Brennan Smith. Target audience for this book are people with issues in productivity & efficiency, who want to achieve and now wants to do something about it. Main request from the client was to keep the cover clean and uncluttered, with fonts having a sense of power and spacing easy on the eyes. It was extremely difficult task for me, as it’s the first real book cover I created. But I enjoyed it a lot, also because of the great collaboration with the author of the book and the rest of the Inspired Action Network Team. As you may see, I decided to divide the cover on upper and bottom part, with a very large main title on the upper part, with a word „inspired” highlighted with a warm orange colour. For the bottom part I created a unique icon of a light bulb, with a coil wire replaced with a shape of the brain, of course to symbolize such aspects like the power of the mind and people having smart ideas. Continue Reading


Here’s a logo I designed long time ago, which later on I sold via It’s an abstract logo mark showing a shape similar to letters M and W, connected with each other in a shape of a thin wave. I have no clue who bought this logo, as the buyer remained anonymous, but I hope this logo is being used in an interesting way. Continue Reading