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I have been busy recently with other things, so had limited time for freelancing. But from time to time my logos are being bought at online store with ready-made-logos. Here’s one of the recent sales. It presents a simplified shape of an Earth.Continue Reading


Although I didn’t design too much in last 2-3 weeks, I still worked on a couple of projects. Today I’d like to present logo I created for Bella Power Yoga from Malibu, California. They offer powerful vinyasa yoga class that combines strength with grace and leads you towards ultimate relaxation. I was requested by a client to design a logo mark, which shows an abstract lotus flower. Several versions were prepared by me, but here’s the one chosen at the end, fine-tuned according to client’s preferences in terms of colors and font. I had a lot of fun creating this lotus flowers, as it was first time for me to work on such concept.Continue Reading


Few weeks ago I created a logo for Wicked Cow Creamery from Spain. They are starting up their ice-cream catering business right now. I’d like to show a couple of photos from the client, showing my logo on their custom-made ice-cream cart. Photos were taken by UK manufacturer of the cartand it should be already on the way to Spain. I’m really looking forward to professional photos of that cart in some beautiful scenery!Continue Reading