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As I mentioned some time ago, I put part of my unused logos for sale. Please check main menu for the link, if you are interested to take a look. I like one of the logos I recently sold, that’s why I decided to present it shortly on my blog. It represents a tree made out of bubbles, all in vibrant & joyful colours, with the name in a hand-written typeface. Continue Reading


Some time ago I designed a logo for The Woods Law Firm, which is operating at South Carolina, USA. I was also asked to prepare stationery set for them, and I decided to present it today on my blog. Continue Reading


Recently I got an opportunity to prepare a new logo for Shakespeare House Community Centre, a vibrant community centre located in South Manchester in Great Britain.It’s a charity organization, created as a unique response to local needs. They are open to all, are home to various groups and are always looking to find new ways of supporting the wider community. It’s a home to both mainstream Christian and Muslim activities. They actively encourage interfaith and inter-community activities.

My task was to prepare a logo, which will maintain some link with previous logo, and will still remain very simple. I decided to take the house from old logo and added 3 abstract shapes to represent a family. All is in vibrant colors, to point out diversity of the local community. The house is shaped a bit like an arrow to suggest the growth & improvement.Continue Reading