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As explained yesterday in other post, I was out of regular work for 2 months. But I completed some projects right before taking such a long break. One of them was logo created for HBH Global, a company from Netherlands, which offers consultancy & management services to other companies trying to enter European markets. HBH in in general management consultancy, primarily focused on international market entry projects. HBH were looking for a logo through, so I had to compete with 15 other designers. There was almost no information provided in the project brief, so I had full freedom in creating this logo. I decided to focus on global aspect, but instead of typical silhouette of Earth, I sketched a unique & simplified icon, in which I also incorporated a small arrow to suggest things like turnover & change. I was really glad that my idea was chosen at the end.Continue Reading


I have a huge database of logos I created, which weren’t approved by my clients. I also made a lot of logos for various crowd sourcing projects via, which weren’t chosen by contest holders. That’s why I decided to put part of these logos on sale. If you are interested, you may check them here. Reading


I’m back to work after really long break. In last two months I travelled a lot and had my private holidays. I visited France, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Poland. That’s why I put all projects on hold. But some projects, which I finalized before my holidays, haven’t been yet presented here, so it’s time to also post some new things on my website. I’ll be adding some in coming days.Continue Reading