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Usually I design logos or stationery sets, but sometimes I get a chance to design something completely different. Here’s such example. I was asked by a client from Great Britain to create a feedback questionnaire, on which guests can leave their opinion about the restaurant. Logo was designed by other person, my tasks was do prepare some proposals of the card’s layout.Continue Reading


Here’s another logo I sold at It was designed for a company working in the field of coaching, leadership and teamwork. I used abstract shapes of people to form a shape of star, in which one person is highlighted to show his leadership. Once again I have no clue who bought it, but I hope it will be used to create an interesting visual identity.Continue Reading


Recently I put part of my unused logos for sale at StockLogos ( Already a couple of my logos have been purchased. Here is one of these sold logos. It’s a modern and strong letter mark build out of AL initials for AudioLabs. Unfortunately buyer was anonymous, so I don’t know who bought that logo, but I hope it will find a good home.Continue Reading