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In 2011 I designed a logo and business cards for Calzado Exclusive, a local shoe store from Poland. Recently they got their website running, so in this short article you may see a screen-shot of their home page (on which my logo is used), and two pictures taken in the store. Continue Reading


Very rarely I have a chance to see how my logos are being implemented in the reality. Some time ago I designed full visual identity for a Blue Moon pub & restaurant from Poland. Recently they launched their website (made by someone else) and at some photos in their gallery I found logo & signboards I designed for them. Click „continue reading” to see more.Continue Reading


Thanks to a recommendation from other client, I had an opportunity to meet Ms. Nathalie Leseine, a French jewelry maker who is currently residing near San Francisco and is working now on her unique and universal jewelry collection made out of Tahitian pearls. I was asked to create a logo for her Atelier Leseine, which soon will be launched online. Initial idea was to design a logo out of AL initials as a sort of stylized graphic, however later on decission was made by a client to focus on a hummingbird, as it’s often nicknamed as a „jewel in flight”. I prepared a couple of variants of a hummimgbird in pinkish paparadsha sapphire colours. In general I was advised to keep it reasonable serious, clean, simple and elegant. I enjoyed a lot working on that project, as Ms. Leseine was extremely helpful and active in helping me to create this logo.Continue Reading